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October 21, 2014

Germany Tour, October 2014

048_Jazzkonzert_AHIt’s been a whirlwind of activities over these past ten days with four inspiring concerts around Germany.  Before the memories start to fade let me capture some of the moments and memories: (more…)

October 8, 2014

Inside the Recording Studio

As I’m trying to decide if we should do a quick or a long fade on the cymbals at the end of my new recording of “Plenty of Nothing” after six hours of trying to find the right mix and fixing spots on this song, I wonder how many listeners realize how tediously unromantic and time-consuming the process of finishing the final recording of a song is.



October 3, 2014

Indiegogo Campaign Starting Monday, October 6

Monika_ 41548
The Whole World in Her Hands is a musical collaboration featuring outstanding female jazz artists from around the globe and produced by Suzi Reynolds. The project includes audio recordings, a video documentary, and a songbook, as well as concerts to inspire the next generation of jazz women. Campaign Video


October 1, 2014

Germany Tour October 2014

I’m honored to help present “Singers of Songs” - Cello works by David Baker as recorded by cellist Manuel Fischer-Dieskau on MDG Records during a concert series in Germany from October 12 – 18.  The CD was released earlier this year and I got to contribute the piano part to the Suite for Cello and Jazz Trio as well as the liner notes. The music is an interesting mix of classical and jazz elements and Manuel’s cello playing is simply beautiful.  And even more special was to listen to David’s stories about writing the music for cello virtuoso Janos Starker who initially brushed it off as easy fare until he realized the demands and the quality of the compositions.  (more…)

September 30, 2014

Great American Songbook, Friday, October 3 @ Topo’s

Looking forward to a night of stories and songs with Tom Roznowski this Friday. He is wonderful at giving us the background stories to the classics from the Great American Songbook. Did you know that Cole Porter was one of the few writers who wrote music and lyrics together? Hence his melodies match the meaning of the words incredibly well. We’ll engage in the stories and songs in the beautiful setting at Topo’s on 403 N Walnut in Bloomington. Hope you can join us – 7-10pm.