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August 23, 2015

Back to School



The quiet town of Bloomington, Indiana has transformed over the past week into a busy college town with about 50,000 students moving into dorms and apartments. Many of them left their home for the first time, others return for another year, some are coming from foreign countries with the goal of gathering information, working towards a career of their choice, and finding new friends. Getting a college degree is a major financial commitment and the justification for such an investment has recently been a topic of discussion. (more…)

August 18, 2015

Shapeshifter Lab Live!

Finally – the Whole World in Her Hands Band live!  This video was shot at Brooklyn’s Shapeshifter Lab in May 2015, enjoy the whole set here!

And the band is getting ready to hit the road next week – please join us and spread the word! The tour dates and links are posted here - see posters below!

August-25August-26 August-27August-28

August 5, 2015

The Whole World In Her Hands On The Road!



While we’re still looking for a good and caring home for the recording project, the group will hit the road August 25 – 29. We will make our way down the East Coast and close out with a festival in WV, presenting some of these fine leaders and the music from the upcoming release. Joining us for the week are Jamie Baum – flute, Reut Regev – trombone, Adi Meyerson – bass, and Rosa Avila – drums – spread the word and let me know who’s coming!




August 1, 2015

Adventures in Graz



On Saturday, July 18, 12 students from Indiana University arrived in Graz/ Austria, excited and maybe a bit worried about their two weeks ahead at the Kunst Universität Graz (KUG) Jazz Institut studying “Comparative Music Industry”. It took more than a year of planning to put the resources in place, create the curriculum and invite guest speakers, plan the excursions, and work on the collaboration between the universities. Now it was show time, and what a show it turned out to be! (more…)

July 17, 2015

Improvising in Switzerland



The International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM)

gathered last week at Chateau d”Oex in Switzerland, about 40 minutes from Montreux and Lake Geneva. This was my first time to present and participate in the conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The group brings together improvisers from many different musical genres with the goal of fostering creative expression across disciplines. Here is the ISIM definition of improvisation: (more…)


  • Sat Aug 29
    Morgantown, WV
  • Tue Sep 8
    Tuesday Market
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sat Sep 12
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Tue Sep 15
    People's Park
    Bloomington, IN
  • Fri Sep 18
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sat Sep 19
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Tue Sep 22
    Auer Hall
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sat Sep 26
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Sun Sep 27
    Central Library
    Indianapolis, IN