About Monika

Vast knowledge; boundless, focused energy and talent; generosity of spirit; cheerful and outgoing personality, and can-do attitude which benefits all whose lives she has touched, Monika Herzig is our Jazz Hero.

The Jazz Journalists Accociation, 2015

Stories by the Jazz Piano Masters

January is the month of jazz gatherings: Jazz Education Network Conference – Jazz Congress – Winter Jazz Festival – bringing together thousands of jazz performers, educators, activists, supporters, media and business personnel and so much more. This year I got to participate in all of them  – it was inspiring, exhausting, fun, eye-opening, and by the second conference I actually lost my voice – but the ears were still working fine and I was listening. I soaked in the interactions and conversations of three jazz piano masters: Kenny Barron, Joanne Brackeen, and Harold Mabern. Come along for stories, advice, and memories: read more…

Peace on Earth 2017

Since the release of “Peace on Earth” in 2010 we’ve been presenting an annual Peace on Earth concert for the Bloomington Jazz Fables series. I have to say that this year was probably my favorite so far and we got it on videotape. So for this Blog I’d like to feature some of the musical selections that we performed and provide some background info about each piece/ arrangement and the musicians. Come join us! read more…

The Twelve Months of 2017

It’s that time of the year – reflections and resolutions – everyone is putting out ‘best of’ lists, I’ll go for a ‘highlight of the month’ list before the 2017 calendar gets retired. Thanks for coming along on the 2017 journey – let’s start with January, annual JEN conference in New Orleans!  read more…

Peace on Earth

It’s the first of December and I just got to open the first door of the advent calendar I brought back from Vienna with tasty Lindt chocolate bites – this is going to be a very special season this year! Well, the chocolates are definitely a plus but my season started with two magical events that are the fabric of fairy tales – tears and laughter and dreams come true. The power of music especially during the holiday season is magical – let me explain. read more…

Happy Thanksgiving – Arts and Community

One of the first principles in new business ventures is to identify the market and customer segments in order to determine the possible success and need of a new idea, a product, a service, any kind of offerings. As artists we often operate the opposite way though – the piece of art is created as the pure expression of the artist eventually followed by strategies to find audiences. In the field of Arts Administration, we often refer to the process of recruiting audiences as making them eat their Broccoli. read more…


  • Bloomington, IN  •  Thu Jan 25
    C3   •  7-9pm
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Sat Jan 27
    Trailhead   •  6-9pm
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Thu Mar 8
    Women in Jazz Celebration w. Jamie Baum/ Leni Stern
    Bears Place   •  5:30-8pm
  • Indianapolis, IN  •  Sat Mar 10
    Women in Jazz Celebration w. Jamie Baum/ Leni Stern
    Jazz Kitchen   •  7:30 & 9pm
  • Evansville, IN  •  Sun Mar 11
    Women in Jazz Celebration w. Jamie Baum/ Leni Stern
    Bokeh Lounge   •  2pm
  • South Bend, IN  •  Mon Mar 12
    Women in Jazz Celebration w. Jamie Baum/ Leni Stern
    Merriman's Playhouse   •  8pm
  • Indianapolis, IN  •  Fri May 25
    Artsgarden   •  12:15pm