• Fri Aug 4
    Jazz Walk
    Elkins, WV
  • Fri Aug 11
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sat Aug 12
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sun Aug 13
    Bokeh Lounge
    Evansville, IN
  • Thu Aug 17
    Bloomington, IN
  • Fri Aug 18
    Broadmoor Country Club
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Sat Aug 19
    B'town Jazzfest
    Bloomington, IN
  • Sat Aug 19
    West Baden Jazz Festival
    West Baden Springs, IN
  • Thu Aug 24
    Cutting Edge
    New Orleans, LA
  • Sat Sep 23
    Indy Jazz Fest Block Party 2017
    Indianapolis, IN

Featured Media



July 3, 2017


We just lost one of the guiding lights in the jazz world – pianist/ composer/ educator Geri Allen. Just two weeks after her 60th birthday the announcement of her cancer-related passing sent shock waves throughout the jazz world and beyond. Even though her cancer was diagnosed a good year ago, she kept the illness completely private and continued touring and teaching all over the world. Appearances at major festivals including the North Sea Jazz Festival were announced throughout August and not even her record label was aware of her health battle. What kept her going to the last minute? (more…)

June 20, 2017

Indiana Jazz Exchange

Once upon a time a youngster in a little town in Germany became fascinated with jazz harmonies and improvisation and decided to drive with her red Ford Fiesta and her brand new DX7 keyboard on the Autobahn north for five hours to attend a summer workshop in Remscheid, close to Cologne. It was a live-changing experience which put her on the path of becoming a professional jazz musician and relocating to the United States. (more…)

June 6, 2017

Time Flies – When You’re Having Fun

timeflies-logo-400It all started with a silly pun at one of our holiday shows for the Jazz Fables Series – wouldn’t it be fun to have a band called Time Flies and have a logo with little flies and clocks – six months later a German producer invited us to do a project based on recordings we did with Bob Berg in 1998 bridging two continents, two generations, and two decades of great musicians and compositions. (more…)

May 28, 2017

Music, Festivals, Heritage

Greetings from Siena, Italy where I spent the last three days convening with researchers from all over the world – Sydney to New Orleans, Helsinki to Capetown and everything in between – discussing, presenting, and listening to presentations on music festivals. It’s been fascinating and inspirational to consider so many different perspectives on the idea of festivals and here is my summary, some of the central discussion points, and some food for thought for presenters, musicians, audiences, and organizations. (more…)

May 18, 2017

‘Tis the Season – Of Weddings

This is the 30th year of my music career – in the summer of 1988 Peter and myself sold our belongings, bought one-way tickets, and left our German home to make music our careers and take advantage of a one year exchange scholarship to the University of Alabama. We quickly realized that playing club gigs for the door with our original music would not generate enough income to pay the rent and groceries. (more…)