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David Baker – A Tribute to his Legacy

Posted on: March 27th, 2016 by monikaherzig

david-monikaWe’re mourning the loss of a giant – jazz legend, educator, composer, activist, scholar, and friend David Baker. He spent many hours at our kitchen table delivering and correcting scores and of course I had the privilege of numerous classes, private lessons, performances, and his dissertation advice during my years of doctoral studies at Indiana University. With the help of many friends and experts, we were able to document his legacy in the 2011 IU Press release David Baker – A Legacy in Music. Over the course of five years I interviewed friends, family,DSC_0284 colleagues, and experts in the fields listening to fascinating stories and testimonials that had one overarching theme: beyond his superior musical and pedagogical talent and intelligence he was genuinely kind, loving, and caring to anyone  – period. The outpouring of love and testimonials on blogs and Facebook groups speaks for itself. All interviews, pictures, performances, listings are archived on this website. In an August 2010 interview, Lida Baker summarized this special trait best: (more…)

Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry

Posted on: March 24th, 2016 by monikaherzig

On April 23, I will return to the CPicturelarion Philadelphia Airport Hotel for the Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry live show – Inspired Distinctions. Clary Corley Sr. is the mastermind behind this wonderful series based on his monthly podcast series that can be found here.  I’m a member of the house band together with Philly musicians Kimpedro Rodriguez, Jason Fraticelli, Nasir Dickerson, and Shenole Latimer. Our job is to introduce the jazz portion of the night with a handful of selections that represent the voices of the current music scene and dig deep into jazz traditions – here is a bit from last year’s musical portion. (more…)