About Monika

Vast knowledge; boundless, focused energy and talent; generosity of spirit; cheerful and outgoing personality, and can-do attitude which benefits all whose lives she has touched, Monika Herzig is our Jazz Hero.

The Jazz Journalists Association, 2015

Monika Herzig interview on “The Jazz Hole with Linus”, BRTtoday, April 29

Sheroes Fall Tour 2018 – Impressions

Come with us on tour – October 25-November 1, Sheroes  – here is a recap of pictures, videos, thoughts, places, new friends, new music and more. Sheroes Jamie Baum – flute, Reut Regev – trombone, Leni Stern – guitar, Jennifer Vincent – bass, Karina Colis – drums, Monika Herzig – piano, and honorary Hero Peter Kienle on bass and driving the van came together for five concerts at the East Coast and Midwest. read more…

Behind the Song – I’m A Superstar

With a nearly 100% focus on vocals in contemporary popular music, listening to instrumental music has become unusual and sometimes difficult. As I listened to Celtic Folk, Contemporary Acoustic String Music, and Swedish Folk Rock at this year’s Lotus World Music Festival, I found myself drifting and searching for melodies, ideas, thoughts, impressions to hang on to. Sometimes the musicians would provide introductions on the songs, their inspiration, or specific sound content and I realized how the depth of my listening shifted and various images appeared. I like to provide insights into my music and the music we perform as it provides a special bond with the audience. So here is some background on the final song of our album “Sheroes” – “I’m A Superstar” written by trombonist Reut Regev. read more…

Jazz Made in Germany

These past two days I got to participate and present at a conference at the Franz Liszt University in Weimar on Jazz Research in the German-speaking countries. There were many fascinating presentations from leading thinkers such as the Director of the Jazz Institute in Darmstadt, Wolfram Knauer, and the Director of the Jazz Research Institute in Graz, Andre Doehring. Even though many great musicians, musical styles, fascinating collaborations, amazing festivals are created in countries outside of the US, very few receive attention inside the US. There are multiple reasons – of course jazz is an art form rooted in the African-American experience and the US jazz market is small and focused inside the country. I’d like to take the opportunity here to introduce a few German-speaking jazz artists that are certainly worth hearing and knowing. And this is just a tiny sample… read more…

Sheroes Live

This year, the Sheroes got to close the Dobbs Ferry Summer Concert Series on August 22 at the Waterfront Park in Dobbs Ferry, NY. It was a perfect evening, great crowd, great band – I’d love to share some of the pictures and videos here and invite you to relive this beautiful evening with us!

read more…

Hoagy Carmichael – A Bloomington Legacy

Most school curricula feature courses on World History, US History, and Local History, which makes a lot of sense. There are some common historical milestones that had worldwide impact, such as the World Wars, others more important to the country we live in, such as the succession of presidents, and then there are local heroes, for example Madam C.J. Walker from Indianapolis who became the first female Millionaire of color with the invention of her special hair product. I propose that we should teach jazz history with a similar distinction: Jazz History – US Jazz History – Local Jazz History. read more…

  • Bedford, IN  •  Thu Nov 15
    Jazz in the Schools 
    Lincoln Elementary   •  1:30pm
  • Indianapolis, IN  •  Fri Nov 16
    Monika Herzig w/ Frank Glover
    Chatterbox   •  10:30pm-1:30
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Fri Nov 16
    Jazz in the Schools 
    Summit Elementary School   •  9:10am
  • Carmel, IN  •  Sun Nov 18
    Christkindlmarkt   •  7-9pm
  • Nashville, IN  •  Thu Nov 22
    Carolyn Dutton with Monika and Peter Thanksgiving Buffet
    The Seasons   •  11:30am-2pm
  • Carmel, IN  •  Sun Nov 25
    Monika Herzig Singalong with Liesl Kranich
    Christkindlmarkt   •  7-9pm
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Thu Nov 29
    C3 Restaurant   •  7-9pm
  • Carmel, IN  •  Sat Dec 1
    Monika Herzig Singalong with Liesl Kranich
    Christkindlmarkt   •  6-8pm
  • Indianapolis, IN  •  Sat Dec 1
    Indiana Holiday Author Fair 
    History Center   •  noon-4
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Thu Dec 6
    Monika Herzig Jazzin' Around the Christmas Tree
    Alumni Center, Indiana University   •  5:30pm
  • Washington, D.C.  •  Sun Dec 9
    Central Library   •  tba
  • Bloomington, IN  •  Thu Dec 13
    Holiday Show with Jazz Fables 
    Bears Place   •  5:30-8pm
  • Carmel, IN  •  Sun Dec 16
    Christkindlmarkt   •  5-7pm
  • Reno, NV  •  Sat Jan 12
    JEN Conference   •  6pm