About Monika

Vast knowledge; boundless, focused energy and talent; generosity of spirit; cheerful and outgoing personality, and can-do attitude which benefits all whose lives she has touched, Monika Herzig is our Jazz Hero.

The Jazz Journalists Association, 2015

Monika Herzig interview on “The Jazz Hole with Linus”, BRTtoday, April 29

Europe in July

I’m writing this blog as I wait at the Atlanta airport for my flight to Dusseldorf/ Germany in anticipation of five weeks of performing, teaching, and visiting with friends and family in Germany, Austria, and Azerbaijan. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to do this trip and I’m hoping to make many special memories  – feel free to follow updates on Facebook and Instagram (Monika Herzig) and even better, join us wherever you can! read more…

Happy Birthday Chick Corea

One of my musical heroes, Chick Corea, will be celebrating his 77th birthday on June 12. The date is quite special to me as it is also my birthday as well as my other musical hero, the late Geri Allen who would have been 61 this year. The day also happens to be Loving Day – in commemoration of the 1967 decision of the Supreme Court in Loving vs Virginia to strike down anti-miscegenation laws which made interracial marriage illegal. read more…

Time Flies – The Next Chapter

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved playing piano. She got pretty good and explored some jazzy tunes when a guitar prince asked her to join a jazz group. She took the plunge and immersed herself into the world of jazz and writing music and absolutely fell in love with it. The group became quite successful especially after the guitar prince and the keyboard girl eloped to the land of jazz – the US of A. They recorded many albums together and opened for some popular fusion groups and built a career together. But the jazz gods decided that fusion music was wrong and should be abandoned. All the other jazz gods turned to their acoustic roots and created repertory bands. The guitar prince and keyboard girl decided to start a family and the electronic instruments started gathering dust in the basement. But one day, a saxophone friend invited them to revive their fusion roots. read more…

Sheroes CD Release Tour Diary

Sheroes is climbing up the radio charts – #10 in the third week! The group was out on tour on the East Coast and with the support of Casio and the New School, An die Musik Live in Baltimore, and the Nighttown in Cleveland we were able to share the music from our new album with audiences ranging from the girls in the Jazz House Kids Chica program to students at the New School to audiences of all ages. Here is a picture diary from the tour – enjoy! read more…

Monika Herzig’s SHEroes Addresses Gender in Jazz

“You play good, for a girl.”

Every instrumentalist on the “Jazz and Gender” panel discussion at The New School on April 4 had received this backhanded compliment at some point in her career. The panel, comprising pianist and educator Monika Herzig, and five players from her all-women SHEroes band, was convened to address how gender bias affects female musicians’ training, career opportunities, as well as self-image.

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